Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Pasco Mercantile



Jim and I met up at 8 Saturday morning and headed north on 395 to Preston Cellars but it's not the most interesting building and the front of it is in the shade that time of day so we headed further north to the Merchantile (not sure the whole name here...).  We started outside where I got the colors too bright on the corn field/windmill but enjoyed the loosey goosey lines of the wagon.  Drawing that way is a challenge to just let things run into the next then into the next and oops - you end up in the wrong spot, so you just change it!  That one is my favorite.

Then we moved inside, had a sandwich and sampled all kinds of chocolate (what a way to spend the day!) and then settled in to draw the interior of the place.  What a challenge!!!  Not only are there people MOVING everywhere there are boxes and boxes of fruit, salsa, chocolate, enchiladas PLUS a green and white checkered floor.  I started out sketching people as fast as I could and did a few thumbnails then settle in on the second floor eating area with a balcony overlooking the giant counter.  No checkered floor in sight...