Sunday, August 12, 2012


One thing Jim brought back with him from the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santa Domingo was the art of the thumbnail.  I started with a small page of thumbnails - no more than 2" square - of the Desert Wind Winery building.  It's a cool exercise and proves to loosen you up, gets you to notice light and shadow and more importantly I think - composition.

I am using my new Lamy fountain pen (another Jim suggestion from his trip) even though it came with blue ink (the black is still enroute).  When I tried washing over the lower drawing, I determined the blue ink is not permanent and a simple wet brush did a really great job of getting shadows.  I went back over the washed out drawing with more line drawing.  

These early morning sessions are lovely!!!


  1. I always learn stuff by reading your postings.Thank you for sharing,and I should try this too.

  2. A really cool affect with the soluble ink! You always bring out the positives! Nice job.