Saturday, August 18, 2012

L'Ecole 41 Winery

These are my sketches of L'Ecole Winery near Walla Walla.  I started out with the blue ink in my new Lamy pen and did the 4 tiny thumbnails (the third picture above).  Not liking the blue so much, I switched out the ink and went to my larger watercolor journal and THEN switched to a pencil to come up with the third drawing shown here.  You can see some residual of the blue ink.  The pencil drawing was nice but there were so many details and angles on those roofs and windows, etc. - it was tough to capture.  I flipped the page and did the best one (I think) which is the first drawing shown here.  It seems to highlight the front door and the 3 level tiered entry.  The last drawing shown was back to my little sketchbook.

I am wondering if the extra fine tipped Lamy pen lends itself better to the smaller drawings - I tend to get lost in the details with that tiny tip on a big piece of paper!  (The third drawing was really crazy and free - sometimes, I just gotta do that...)

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  1. Bravo, bravo...all great little sketches, Nancy. I have some info about another nib you might be interested in. It's curled, sorta like those shoe in the old Arabian Nights movies, I think. Anyway, you can roll it around and get all kinds of different line widths. I'll get the info for you. I'm going to order one.