Friday, August 10, 2012

"Desert Wind and Hinzerling Wineries"

We met at 7am this morning and drove back up into the wine country in and around Prosser, WA., to sketch more winery 'things.' Our first stop was at the Desert Wind Winery which overlooks I-82 as it winds its way across the Yakima river and heads eastward toward the Tri-Cities.  The winery was built sometime in the late 80's/early 90's as we moved from Prosser in 1984 and it wasn't there at that time. 

L to R top to bottom:  Nancy using her new Lamy pen, Jim,
Jan with graphite, and Dave.
Our second stop was down close to the heart of Prosser proper at the Hinzerling Winery.  Hinzerling, originally owned by Mike Wallace, was the very first winery in Prosser, 1976.  I remember it being quite the 'hit' as few people living there at the time had ever been to a winery and suddenly we had one of our own. Established in an old garage, and still there, rustic and original, their wines are as well produced as any of the others on the market today.  

L to R, top to bottom:  Nancy, Jim, Jan and Dave.

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