Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Conceptual Sketching for Mercer Wineries"


As Nancy reported in her post just below this, we met yesterday to discuss, brainstorm, sketch, plan, think and joke around with the idea of creating a wine label for a new variety of wine coming from Mercer Wineries in Prosser, WA. 

The concept was created from a discussion owner, Rob Mercer, and his field technician, John Derrick, had regarding Rob's Marine deployment to Iraq in 2008, and a close friend of John's who was killed when Flight 93 crashed into that Pennsylvania corn field.

They carved out a few more acres of land, named it, "Block 93," then they started talking about a wine label for the new wine once it is produced.  "Something with both an eagle and a plow to symbolize our country and our pride we have in it, agriculture, hope, promise . . . "

Our little group of sketcher decided to take on the challenge so here in this post, as well as Nancy's, and others that may appear here, you will find a representation of our early beginnings.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The Sketch Group met today to work up some ideas for Mercer Winery's new specialty wine they are choosing to call "EAGLE & PLOW"  We drew out there last summer and they determined we might be able to give them something fun and original.

This was so much harder than it sounded!  It is a very specific request - from eagles and plows to America and wine and vegetables - whew!  I started with some eagles then went to some fields...

...liked the radiant lines of the plow lines and the grape vines - but that darn eagle.

I ended up with this one but need to flesh it out a bit.  Or start over completely...  
We decided as a group to work on it on our own this week and get back together again next week for one more joint sketch.   Hope they like something we come up with and if not, hey, we are only 
Human Sketchers.

Sharehouse Coffee, Richland WA, Lapoynte

Sharehouse is a new coffee place in town so I had to try the coffee and make a sketch.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"38th WWSk - Paris"

I came across this collection of sketches created by the good folks in Paris that joined us on the 38th WWSk, and thought you might find it interesting, as I did. 

Of course their subject matter sort of takes ones breath, but when I studied their sketches what came to mind is this:  We're just as good at this as they are!  But certainly that comes as no surprise to anyone. 

Click on the pic below, then find the "Slide Show" button, sit back and enjoy what some of the rest of our group was doing that day. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This WEDS. - Urban Sketching INSIDE!

We've been asked by Mercer Winery to help them design a wine label for a new brand they'd like to introduce called, "EAGLE AND PLOW".  We are going to meet again at my house where we can mull over the art Mercer Winery sent over and draw for a few hours to submit some ideas to them.

This is a new thing for us, so don't be scared!  People are starting to recognize our sketching and liking it enough to use it commercially and it's pretty fun.  The great thing about it is how loose and original it all is - we all have such individual styles - and it's fun to see how our drawings effect those who see it.  There are no 'experts' - it is all an experiment in drawing - and we try to keep it really fun.

Bring your sketching stuff this Weds., January 30th, to Nancy's house - 9400 Selph Landing Road, Pasco, WA.  If you need directions, give her a call at 554-1010.  We'll start at 10 and end somewhere around noon.  If you've got a laptop - bring that too and you can search the web for some photos of Eagles and Plows!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Computer Sketching

At the last International Sketchcrawl, Ychien let me try out her iPad Mini at Sterlings.  It was tough to do at first but I am thinking, after some practice, this would be another way to draw (not the same as regular sketching but ANOTHER way).  My daughter, who is really into these TED talks (they ARE fabulous) sent me this one and I thought you'd enjoy it!  (Hope this works)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"38th WWSk: Tri City Results"

Ed David, Dave Poynter, Greg Ashby, Yichien Cooper, Jean Fu, Nancy Thurston, Jim Bumgarner

How nice it is to get together with a group of folks who share a common passion, have breakfast, chat, draw and sketch, and share our work together.  The seven of us were out together on the "38th World Wide Sketchcrawl."  Originated by Pixar artist, Enrico Casarosa, in San Francisco a few years ago, when he decided to gather some friends and go on a marathon "sketchcrawl" (similar to the bar crawing, but with art supplies).  His idea grew to encompass the globe and is scheduled to happen four times per year.

To see all of our work, click on the group photo above.  
Included in this post are a couple of the sketches I did with the group, and below this post are a couple of other postings from Nancy and Dave.  Please visit them and leave a comment if you're so inclined.
 My breakfast: two eggs with toast and fruit (the fruit didn't make the sketch, sorry fruit). 

Ed and Nancy sit across the table at Tagaris Winery.  Nancy gave me some great pointers regarding watercolors.  I feel like this might be the first of a long series of me trying to figure out how to do color much better.  Thanks, Nancy! 

Thanks to everyone who participated.


38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl

This is the warm up.  Color was provided by the kids' crayons the restaurant provides...

Still at Sterlings - a guy eating his eggs by the window.

Always wondered how difficult drawing a glass of ice water might be.

...or 5.

This was really a fun, fun day.  Sure enjoyed everyone coming out!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stirling's, Richland WA, Lapoynte

Out for the "38th World Wide Sketchcrawl" at Stirling’s Restaurant, Richland WA

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yokes, Road 68 Cafe, Pasco WA

Having coffee after being out with Urban Sketcher friends.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"38th World Wide Sketchcrawl" - Jan. 19th

We have decided to meet this coming Saturday morning at 8am at Stirlings on Queensgate in Richland (out by WalMart).  I stopped there today and made reservations with Sabre (waitress' name).  She will put us smack dab in the middle of the large room, and said if we wanted to stay for two or three hours that "would be fine." 

So plan on socializing, having breakfast, drawing and sketching, and just having a nice relaxing time with people who share a common interest: art. 

For those with the time and interest, we may move on over to Tagaris Winery to do a bit more sketching toward noon, and maybe pick up a lunch there, or elsewhere.  We'll play it by ear.

We met at Nancy's today to learn more about making cards using the computer and to talk about art.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

McGills - January 9

 Sketch-off Smetch-off - Jim's drawing of me is TERRIBLE.  This on the other hand, is a true likeness.

 ...and while I was at it - this is Dave.
 This is of 3 patrons of Magills.  The morning light was pretty bright coming in that window against the dark walls.  It looks pretty weird.
To counteract the weirdness - here are 2 other guys who came in for lunch.  Sometimes making sure each line is right BEFORE you draw it makes for a nice little drawing.

Next week we meet at my (Nancy's) house to work on printing our work out for sale - please join us!

"Wednesday Sketchabout: McGills"

The "Urban Sketchers: TriCities" met this morning for breakfast and sketching at McGill's Restaurant in Pasco, WA.  As usual, we had a great time talking about art in general and sketching in particular. 
Nancy and I had a kind of "sketch-off" at the table.  This is, of course, my sketch of her. 
She was amazed at how exact it is, and I was pleased she thought so.  LOL. 
A perfect depiction of our good friend and fellow sketcher, Dave. 
Sometimes I think we get caught up thinking during these cold winter months, while we have to stay indoors, that we have to draw people.  I decided this time to simply go with the condiment tray on our table.  It was rather fun to work on because it didn't get up and go to the restroom, or recross its legs, move its hands, or just get up and leave.  None of these items moved at all, except when Nancy and Dave used them once the food arrived, but then it was easy to get them all back into the same position.  Sort of like when your drawing a naked person and after break time all their limbs, feet, hands and head are all put back into alignment with the masking tape.  Sorta. 

Mcgills Restaurant,Pasco WA, Lapoynte

I was out with the local Urban Sketchers and we stopped in at McGills for breakfast. This is the west end of the McGill Counter.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We're meeting Wednesday morning at 10:00 at Magills on Road 68 (just south of the highway overpass) for some breakfast and some sketching.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Richland Yacht Club"

Big splashes of sunlight this morning pushed me out into the the streets and boulevards looking for something to draw. I sketched the intersection at Gage and Leslie, then looking for something better, I found myself in downtown Kennewick.  Nothing there jumped out at me and there was a cloud cover moving in.  Crossed the river into Pasco and drove over to CBC where I purchased two Super Aquabee Sketchbooks for the price of one at Craft Warehouse, then decided to drive home for lunch.  On the Pasco-Richland bridge I spotted the Richland Yacht Club.  The sketch came out horribly, so I just photoshopped the gee whiz out of it and it came like this.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"01.02.13 - McDonald's"

Our first Wednesday Morning Sketchabout of 2013 was held this morning at the McDonald's on Road 68 in Pasco, WA.  It was nice getting back together with Jean, Nancy, and Dave for this session.  The holidays are nice, but once one is addicted to sketching with friends, it's nice to return to the fray.  We had a great time visiting and sharing art and life together and I can't wait until next Weds until we do do something similar again. 

I was surprised to find as many folks in McD this early in the morning (we started at 9am).  At first it was mainly older, retired folks enjoying a morning coffee; then as time went by, a younger crowd started coming in.  My vantage point was a good one, as I was able to sit back in my chair, look down the line of people waiting, and in a somewhat unhindered manner sketch without detection.  This might be a place to go back to sometime.

We have decided to schedule our sketchabouts for every Weds morning of each month into the far and distant future, unless something else comes up, of course.  We will also continue with our Third Saturday Sketchabouts for anyone who can't make the Weds sessions. 

Remember, anyone with something to draw with and on is welcome to join us.  There are no fees and we love doing this. 


McDonald's January 2, 20THIRTEEN

 This was a guy sitting across the booth from us.  I'm thinking drawing with my subordinate hand maybe redundant...
This is a guy sitting right with us.  JIM BUMGARNER!  Yes, be careful coming to these sketching sessions...

NEXT WEEK - Magills on Road 68 in Pasco for breakfast and Valentine's Day Card sketching. Wednesday, January 9, 10:00 am.

first sketches for 2013

Joined fellow sketchers at a local McDonalds for some fun sketching.
I know I still do them way too tightly; need to practice much more to loosen up.

At the Local McD's on road 68 in Pasco WA.