Friday, February 24, 2012

KING 5 Interviews Gabi Campanario and Gail Wong

Recently published by the Seattle Times.  Campanario.
Click image to watch the interview.
Readers of this blog will be familiar with Gabi Campanario, local Seattle artist.  Gabi is featured each Saturday in the Seattle Times with a sketch from somewhere in, or near, the Seattle area with an explanation of what the sketch covers: a place, an event, a person, etc.

More importantly for those of us outside the Seattle metro area, he is the originator of the Urban Sketcher movement that has gone world-wide; similar to, but not the same thing as the World-Wide-Sketchcrawls that occur every four months. 

His book "The Art of Urban Sketching" was just released this month from Amazon.  You can find a link in the right hand margin of this blog.

Gail Wong is the the coordinator of the Seattle Urban Sketchers.  To see her work, click here to visit her Flickr site.