Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Pasco Train Yards"

A small group of us, three, drove over to the railroad yards in Pasco to do some sketching. It was a good day for sketching as the sky was blue, the sun was comfortably warm, and there was no wind.

We found a line of about five cars sitting quietly on a side-rail, so we pulled out our folding chairs, sketchbooks, easels, pen, pencils, and paints and began sketching (Nancy and Jim), and painting (Pat).

We talked about how the numbers to both our figure drawing sessions and urban sketching sessions are dwindling down, and decided it is either due to the summer months and people having more things to do than art, or maybe we're just unfun people. And maybe, I think, it's because we are so open with our work - posting online. Maybe.

We're not sure yet if there will be a session this coming Saturday. Speaking for myself, I need a break from Saturday sessions, so I'm going to visit the Farmer's Markets this Saturday, and enjoy a family outing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

'Hangin' at the Phatty Caddy Coffee Lounge"

A big "Thank You" to Tammy Furth down at the "Phatty Caddy Coffee Lounge," in downtown Kennewick for helping the "sketchers and painters" launch their first, I'm sure of many, many, many, shows!

We met there this morning to hang our show, and just like when we go out into the world to sketch, we had a great time.

And thanks to the following folks for bringing in something to hang: Laura G., Jan W., Pat F., Greg. A, Nancy T., Dave P., and Jim B.

To see the rest of the "hang," click on the picture.