How to Exhibit your Sketches

Presentation is Everything:

Not many of us want to hang a sketchbook on a wall for an exhibit, so the question becomes how "best" to get the sketch out of your sketchbook and on a wall without damaging your sketchbook.

Print it, at high resolution, 300 dpi will do well for most enlarging, unless you want to go 36x48, or so, then I suggest 400 dpi. If you are using a camera, set it the highest settings for pixels.

Once printed, get it backed with foam core.  There are many ways to do this, I find Hobby Lobby does a great job for very reasonable prices.

With sketches mounted, and hung, in this manner we have a very nice collection of printed sketches that look like sketches rather than paintings, and they are So Easy to hang.  

How to Hang:

I purchased this "mounting putty" at Ace Hardware.  Snip off a piece, about the size of a small wad of chewing gum, stick it to the back of your foam-cored print, and stick it to the wall.  When it comes off, there is no wall damage, but you might have to rub small pieces off with your finger.

This pic is of the sketches I exhibited in the library show in Richland.  They have been stuck to this wall for about a week and a half with no signs of working loose.

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