Friday, August 24, 2012

"Old Pasco Air Field"

After a bit of a snafu on my part this morning regarding starting time (I was half an hour late), Nancy waited and must have left for home about 5 minutes before I come pulling into the parking lot.  I called and she was out walking FIVE dogs and off to another chapter of her day. 
So, with nothing better to do for a while, I drove over to what used to be called "old Pasco" looking for something to sketch.  I couldn't keep my eye off that old airport tower that was recently refurbished thanks to the efforts of the Bergsma Air, and the city's repsonse to those efforts.  Anyway, the old tower served in the '40's as the airport tower for the thousands of naval air pilots who trained here for the war.   


  1. You need to come and spend a week at Turner Falls (Davis, OK), and sketch the Falls and surrounding areas.