Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Inaugural: "Third Saturday Sketchcrawl"

We have had lots of outings, sketchcrawls, if you will, most of them on Saturdays.  For each we have had everwhere from a dozen people to one person participate.  Today was a one person day so not a great inauguration for our first ever, "Third Saturday Sketchcrawl," but hey, it's
off the ground anyway.  

We decided to go with just one Saturday a month for those who can't join us on the "Casual Friday Sketchcrawls."  We still have hope that one day we will have droves of Tri-City folks interested in drawing, sketching, painting, art will join us because the sketchcrawls, whether Friday or Saturday, are fun; we all have new friends because of it; our skills continue to improve; and we belong to the world-wide phenomenon of Urban Sketchers. 

Here are two sketches done today by Jim Bumgarner.  

While waiting to see if anyone else would participate, I sketched
some of the cars in the parking lot at the 509 Artspace.

After leaving the Artspace, I drove over to the Starbucks near Gold's Gym and found
a couple of ladies having a nice lattee.  My plan here was to
capture them as my mentor, Jim Richards would. 


  1. Got a really bad spell of dizziness after our trip to Los Angeles.Couldn't do anything for more than a week,and am still recovering from it.
    Hope to join the fun again soon.

  2. Great drawings - love the stories!