Friday, August 3, 2012

Second "Casual Friday Sketchcrawl"

Four USkTCWA sketchers met this morning at 7am and drove about 10 miles west to the Chandler Reach Winery to do some sketching.  7am? We wanted to escape the heat of the day and see if we could capture some of that pure morning light.  Four?  Jan Watson, Nancy Thurston, Jim Bumgarner, and Dave Pointer.

Chandler Reach Winery
L to R, top to bottom: Jan, Dave, Jim, Nancy, Nancy
L to R, top to bottom: Jan, Dave, Jim, Nancy
Jim's thumbnails in the style of "The Decisive Moment" workshop presented by
Melanie Rheims and Nathalie Ramieriz, Santo Domingo.
Jim's quick sketch, no pencil, just the adventure of ink.
Jim's sketch with winery in background.

We have decided to make the "Casual Friday Sketchcrawl" a weekly event, check the upper left margin for updates regarding times, where to meet and where we will be going.  

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  1. This building is really cool Jim - you guys should be architectural illustrators!