Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"UPDATE: Sketching for Scavengers - Umbrella"

In case you missed it, we announced a "Sketching for Scavengers" challenge a few weeks back.  To read about the challenge, click here.

This is my first entry for the challenge and I hope some of the other members will join Jean, Yichien, and me in the fun.

Here's my first entry, an image from the strip-mall across the parking lot in front of Carmike's Theatres;  and don't forget Hedges Winery this Friday!!


  1. So,we'll have to separate the entry for the hunt from other USKTC sketches?

  2. Wasn't quite sure how to do this either, Jean. Just follow my lead in the title when you put your title on: "UPDATE:Sketching for Scavengers - item name".