Saturday, June 2, 2012

Art Show at Corvette Show June 2nd 2012

Well I did a sketch painting today at the Corvette Show at Columbia Park. And to prove my being different than even fellow artists I sketched NOT the beautiful and cool Corvettes. I sketched the art show going on with Cyber 509 Artists. I had fun, it's real loose painting sketch. It's not a good photo. I probably should tack it to wall then shoot.
Greg Ashby


  1. WELCOME and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to fellow sketcher, Greg Ashby! This is excellent, I like how you lined up all those tents. Yes, there was so much more going on than just the cars there today.

  2. You were very brave to take this on Greg - the cars were SO much easier! Great drawing.

  3. Greg; I like it. I can even see my booth and Jim's booth. Very fun. Thanks. ED