Thursday, June 28, 2012

USkTC artist Ashby Lands Coffee Card Deal

Hello..  tho I haven't done a lot of going out and doing some sketching I thought I would share this with you. Last year sometime, Jim and Dave and I went out and did sketches of a couple of coffee drive thru buildings. One we did was Nikki Jeans out on Clearwater where the Shell station and the roundabout are. Well it now has new owner and is called Badger Canyon Coffee. So when this gal came into the print shop to order punch cards, I thought HEY wait a minute I have a drawing of this already. SO when she looked at the proof she loved it, and I showed her the original. SO now that little drawing of mine is on the punch cards.

Not the best drawing, even by me, but I thought this would be cute to show off :)
Greg Ashby


  1. Greg - that is SO COOL! Congratulations! Dozens and dozens (or hundreds and hundreds) of this little drawing in everyone's pocket...

  2. Nice going, Greg! I am impressed!!