Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Corvette Club in the Park"

The Corvette Club met today in the Columbia Park, Kennewick, Wa., so the USkTC group when down to see what was going on and to do some recording of the event in our sketchbooks.  There was over 130 Corvettes there along with lots of vendors and come noon, some mighty fine smelling foods were wafting through the crowd.  I went to Blimpie's and had a ham and cheese.   

I'm not happy with either of these other than to say that I took Nancy's lead and drove to Hobby Lobby to purchase a sketchbook like hers.  It's a Strathmore, 5.5 in. x 8 in., 140 lb watercolor sketchbook and it really takes color much better than what I've been using. 

It's too bad "wonkiness" isn't looked upon in a favorable light.  Both of these sketches are in possession of plenty of it. 


  1. Wonkiness is NOT in the English dictionary. I can see how, on this one, you were more stylized! The grass and the sky are GREAT! You are very precise - the lines are very nearly the same width apart on the rim of the windshield and those wheel trims - whoa - did you use a protractor and a compass? OK, now I'm teasing - BUT - let 'em rip! Go WILD boy! (But only if you want to.)

    1. Oh, I want to, I just don't think I know how ... yet. Thanks, protractor and compass, and a t-square and a 30-60 degree triangle. Ha.

  2. What fun you all had today! Love the action!! I do agree with Nancy on your perspective. Very good!