Sunday, June 3, 2012

Corvette Club Convention

Corvette Club Convention by jimbmgarner
Corvette Club Convention, a photo by jimbmgarner on Flickr.
I don't want to "hog" the space at USkTc, but I also wanted to share my 4th attempt at this car. The first is posted below.  This one is closer to what I wanted to achieve in the first place, one to emphasize the sexy backside of this machine by exagerting it a bit and two, to create a loose sketch. 

Note this sketch was posted directly from my flickr account (see caption).  This can be done from personal blogs, flickr accounts, etc. All one has to do is find the little FB icon, click it, be sure you input "urban sketchers...." in (it will find it for you), add a few words and click ok. 


  1. Hey - hog it all you want! This is a nice sketch - much better than the first. I am a huge believer in drawing the same thing over and over and even if you think it's boring, surprise, surprise, you get better! It is a great combination of loose (no protractor here!) and real - you most certainly know it's a car. If you exaggerate the corvette attributes - low, to the ground, wide, pointy hood, whatever - no one will mistake it for just any car (with great tail pipes). Do I sound critical? I LIKE this!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I'm just glad you can tell it's a car!