Friday, June 29, 2012

"THANK YOU" to USk Blog group and Jason Das

Tagaris Winery, one of the more upscale spots here in the Tri-Cities.  Sketched a while back and used here as a test image for the USk Blog

Thanks to the crew at "adminsusk" and especially Jason Das for helping identify the problem we were having with our blog not showing updates on the USk Blog page.  We were stuck way down near the bottom of the listing with a comment that said we had updated last over a month ago.  I knew that wasn't the case, so I went looking for assistance when I exhausted all my technical skills ... it didn't take long to get there either. 

Anayway we are back in business with the USK Blog and, again, much appreciation to the "adminusk" group and in particular, again, JASON DAS!!


  1. Jim, your colors and bright and clear - really great!

  2. Haha! Glad to see all working just fine! Cheers ;)