Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Escape Door"

St. Joseph's Catholic Parish and School
Kennewick, WA
After my lunch meeting yesterday, I drove downtown Kennewick and happened by the old Catholic Church on Fruitland Street.  They have a nice statue of Christ on the Cross in the side yard and I've thought about sketching it a few times, so I pulled into the parking lot to see what I could see. 

Studying the architecture of this side-door, the memories flooded my mind of how, when I was a young boy scout in Kennewick the scout meetings were held in the basement of the church - on the same night of the week that the high school across the street held an open-gym.  Me and my little band of scalawags decided we would much rather go to open-gym than the scout meeting, so through this door we would escape. 

After multiple times of escaping through this door, then of course returning just as the meetings closed, we were told we didn't need to come back.  Yep, we were Kicked Out of the Boy Scouts.   

Funny thing is while I was sketching this, there was a group of scouts meeting in this very parking lot.  They had their back packs and were off on some kind of adventure. 


  1. Love the story,and the way you put the sketch along with the real thing.

  2. Funny, that you would mention being "kicked out of the Boy Scouts". I, and several other perpetrators, were kicked out of the Cub Scouts for hanging a fellow, pansy scout, by his ankles from a tree limb. Our Den Mother got really mad at us, and returned our dues, and told us not to bother coming back either. I guess Scouting didn't run in our families ole Cuz.