Monday, June 11, 2012

New Shapes & WW

Worked on that big white space in the upper left hand corner - could be called a 'cloud' but we mustn't paint nouns, only dark and light.

Anyone want to try Walla Walla again on Friday?  Meet at the Artspace at 9 and we'll cross our fingers for some gorgeous weather!


  1. That really made a difference for this little piece of France. This image conveys such serenity and peace, and with that hill in the background it could almost be somewhere near the tri-cities.

  2. Funny how I'm bothered by the angle of the bottom of the 'cloud'. It seems like it is extremely important that this be flat with the horizon line because it looks crooked slanting towards the big tree. Another important discovery...

  3. But that is why this is "interesting,"it isn't perfect.