Thursday, January 23, 2014

West Pasco Starbucks & Library - 1/22/14

Passing the time at the Rd 68 Starbucks with Jim, Nancy & Cindy, as we wait for the newest Mid-Columbia Library branch in West Pasco to open.  Pretty tight quarters but I managed to find these cute little baskets with their funny little feet.  I can imagine them coming to life at night and running around the store, playing tag and then scurrying back together in the morning as the shop workers open the doors!

At the library, my imagination continues to unravel as I see this big tree (1 of 3) peering over the shoulder of this person, straining to see what they are writing.  Red & white capped mushrooms abound in this magical space as books fly through the air like birds.  Alas, I failed to capture those!  Next time!

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  1. Go cold press, double meaning... paper type. I missed out on our Wednesday sketch. Hopefully I will see you all during some point of sketch crawl Saturday
    I like what you see and sketch.
    Patti K