Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Starbucks then Library"

The original intent was to go to the new west Pasco library, but since it doesn't open until 11am, we stopped in at the Starbucks on Road 68 to do some warm-up sketching.  This is my quick and dirty little sketch (above) of these two ladies, Cindy and Nancy below.  In my sketch Cindy looks angry; I can assure you she wasn't. I should have given a little upturn on the sides her mouth, then she would look as happy and content as she really was.  
Sketching people is one of my favorite pastimes.  Here I grabbed a photoshop bucket full of black paint, tossed it on the sketch and was surprised at how it came out.  I like it. 
Nancy and Patty, having a little coffee, a little conversation, and sketching away. Fun.
When we entered the library we happened upon this story-book teller and a couple thousand tiny pre-schoolers.  They were having a great time together.  This, another hurry up and get it on paper, then toss a little hydrophilic (likes water) ink on the tree trunk then spread it around a bit with some water, then later grabbing the photoshop brush and splashing a little color here and there.  It feels a little like cheating, but not enough to keep me from doing it anyway.  :-)

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  1. I like your people Jim, both white and black backgrounds. The black optical illusion suggests the people have less space between them, yet are in a common space.
    Patti K