Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"The Blank Canvas and Espresso Machine"

The USkTC group met this morning in member Cindy Rutherford's "Blank Canvas" gallery in downtown Kennewick.  We had another good turn-out with seven sketchers in attendance.  While there, this older model expresso machine caught my eye and I felt it only fair I give it a place to hang out in my tan toned Strathmore sketchbook.  Once I got it home, I used photoshop to create even greater values and the darkened background.


9x12 Strathmore Tan Tone, graphite, ink, photoshop.  


  1. Great post, I am a coffee lover and agree with your way of thinking.Nice Post with information regarding great use! The ways you have illustrated the information is impressive. Thanks!

  2. It is really interesting to see what you do with these things when you get them on your computer. What program do you use? I think it would be a good study in seeing what really works (or maybe more accurately, what you really like better). Sometimes I fear doing things thinking I may wreck them but this way it's all fun and games without the commitment!

    1. The program is Photoshop Elements v.8.0. I use it a lot for increasing values, adding colors - sometimes - and sometimes even pulling certain portions of the image around so the perspective is more accurately depicted. I'm not as concerned about ruining the sketch as much as I used to's all experimental anyway. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Perhaps we should have a few workshops for all of us newbie Jim Bumgarner and Nancy ... I am serious. I always learn something new from you all and am always interested in what you all have to say. I am having lots of inquires from folks that would love to join but don't think they are up to it. Some food for thought.

  4. wow.! Nice's great to see the old model espresso. You had a unique style of sketching. Where it beats the new styled espresso machines.