Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Today we met at the Blank Canvas in downtown Kennewick.  It was a big, open room with some really great paintings by Melanie Thompson (I hope I got that right!).  I narrowed it down:

This is the sink faucet by the counter with the coffee machine.  
I was a bit overwhelmed by work issues this morning 
so I needed something simpler than a huge, open room!

I finished early and drew a couple quick studies of Patti and Maryann.


  1. Those are some pretty cool quick sketches. The simple & quick line work lets you really capture a moment.

  2. A real stroke of genius using a bit of spilled ink to create an actively engage do you do it? I love both of these. They both have very strong points, the toned paper lends a nice atmosphere to the sink, and you captured it perfectly in terms of perspective, line, highlights and overall composition. The two portraits are vintage Nancy sketches...nice.