Thursday, January 16, 2014

"The Blank Canvas"

 The Blank Canvas, downtown Kennewick Washington hosted Urban Sketcher's Tri-Cities on a sunny January 15th. The large room is available for artistic activities.  This was my warm up sketch.

Again, inside at The Blank Canvas, I made a 50 degree turn and attempted to sketch Dave, but my sketch looks a bit like Jim, guys, they all look about the same!  lol
Thank you Cindy for opening the doors for our group!  You rock woman!


  1. You have a very loose, fun, whimsical way of drawing things that doesn't get too caught up in accuracy. You add details that add all the fun and forget about the 'rightness' of things. A breath of fresh air!

  2. I like the color in the Dave sketch. And how he seems to be melting into that chair, aka. Edward Munch....

  3. Super fun Patti! Oh I just saw the writing on the side doorway. I am enjoying all this creativity people =)