Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Pair of Readers at Howard Amon Park"

This morning at 10am I drove over to meet any of the sketchers who might show up for another of our scheduled local sketchcrawls, but they must have all had more important things to do on this beautiful, warm, sun-drenched day.  I parked at the end of the street near the boat dock and noticed this man and woman right in front of my truck, so I simply sat behind the wheel of my truck and sketched them.  He was a great model as he hardly moved at all during the 40 mins I was there.  She was all over the place, but that's the challenge when you draw people, they move.  I'm not particularly crazy about the background.  I started to leave it all white, but it was too stark, something needed to be there to ground the figures.

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