Saturday, May 19, 2012


The next scheduled local sketchcrawl is June 2nd.  If you have a place, person, thing, event, etc., you would like to promote, drop a comment on this post and let us know what you're thinking.  One person can't come up with all the ideas.

You can get automatic updates when someone posts on the blog.  Just scroll down the right hand margin and find "Follow."  Feed your email address in the window and then follow whatever instructions pop up.  It's easy and it gives you instant access to the goings on here.

Have you checked out the USK Whidbey Island yet?  They have some gorgeous work on their blog.  Left hand margin, scroll down to their link.

We received 2,300 hits on the blog last month.

Only one member at the sketchcrawl this morning.  Where is everyone?


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    1. and I suppose you think that's some kind of excuse do you....:-)

  2. Here is a thought....... June 2nd the Corvette Club is having a show in Columbia Park. That in itself would be different, but the Cyber509 group will have some booths down there for the Corvette show. So there will be lots of activity, not just cool cars to look at.
    Greg Ashby