Saturday, May 12, 2012

Notre Dame and Degas, by Nancy

I spent the day at Notre Dame today and it was sunny but really cold and windy! I sat across the street and drew this first one. I kept telling myself, 'remember the Pasco court house and just keep going' - see what practice does! I will never tell that I totally messed up in the middle there and maybe no one will know.

With my fingers frozen, I went INSIDE and drew this next one. It was really dark and I shouldn't have tried coloring it but I did anyway and it's too yellow but it was a great fun exercise.

The last one I did this morning before I left my room. I copied a post card I bought at the Degas show. His is a pastel and mine is a watercolor but again, great, great exercise.

Tomorrow I drive 5-6 hours to the workshop so no sketching then - too bad!


  1. Great sketches, Nancy. A wonderful job with Notre Dame and I actually had to look twice to figure out which was your Degas...the spiral notebook was the first clue, then the watecolors. Wow...

  2. Wonderful sketch on all of them. I feel like I was there with you! Safe journey!