Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Little Leaguers and Aidan"

Not too sure about how this one will look on the blog, but I'm rather happy with the way the figures are beginning to eek out of my pen onto the page.  These guys are not easy to draw because speaking about being all over the place, they are!  Each of the batters here is a composite of quite a few of the kids who came to the plate, some of them my grandson, Aidan:  all right handed too. 

The two smaller figures are not composited. These two boys were at first base: one is playing first base, the one with his mitt on his hip; and the other was a base runner.  The base runner made it to second. 

These are among the most challenging of any of the sketches I've done, well, actually they are ALL challenging.  These are maybe the most difficult. 

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