Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5/7/14 - "Grain Elevator on Clearwater Ave., Kennewick WA"

Tri-City Urban Sketchers met at this grand old place in Kennewick this morning.  

I've been wanting to sketch this beauty for years, so am really thankful that the rest of the gang agreed to meet here today!

My sketch is a little broad and doesn't do justice to the true height of the grain elevator but I think it does represent the essence of the place.



  1. Great lines and detailing, Patty. I like how you captured the light by delineating the shadowed areas too. And, it may be a bit wider than in real life, but what happened is it gave the building greater mass and weight. Frank Ching told us that sometimes you have to embellish (my word, not his) a sketch to really capture the essence of the object being sketched. Nice job - Really nice!

  2. Great critique Jim! I agree with Jim, great work Patti G!
    Patti K