Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kennewick Grain Elevator Tagged

Clearwater Avenue Grain Elevator, across and a bit from the Flashcube building.  The top drawing was sketched with a micron pen then a sepia coloured brush pen and a blue/gray graphite water soluble pencil.

I used a mechanical pencil to sketch the lower picture.  I brushed art bars around for the spring sky, rusted pipes and aged plywood.

The owners had to stop Jim, Patty G and Dave from tagging urban sketchers on the "garage door", not really, but the aged plywood had that look!

patti kirch

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  1. You too have captured the heaviness of the structure in both your sketches. I think I like the one on the left (did you notice I rearranged your post?) due to the shadowing and the perspectives in that area where the three structures all meet. I like that graffittii in the other one too. Maybe we should get some spray paint and go out some evening to do our "art." ...:-)