Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Urban Sketchers in a Garden?

 Not your typical outing for the gang but it was a great turn out.  Unfortunately Jim our fearless leader was under the weather. Hope you've rested Jim and are feeling better!

 Nancy, Gail & Patty G. honing in on some of the flowers.  I love how Nancy gets right on top of her subject ;)

Patty, Angie, & I went for some garden ambience with some structure.

The boys Jim B and Dave were drawing the house!

 While Jim M, Yichien and Patty went for peeps in the garden

We were also joined by Nancy Richter who photographed the garden (can't wait to see some of the pic's)  and Tina Gergly who I hope will pick up her sketch pad and join us again !


  1. There were two flocks out today, sketching artists and squawking quail. Thank you for opening your home and sharing your super fantastic perch over looking Amon Basin.
    Your water colors are so natural looking, I really like your style!
    patti k

  2. I really enjoyed the day. Just out drawing and taking pictures with people that do the same.
    All the drawings were great, a wonderful location and good people.