Thursday, May 29, 2014

Quail perch overlooking Amon Basin

My goal was to capture Patti G in her creative element.  The variegated bloom layers surrounding Cindy's yard were captivating to our Tri City sketching artists and to our Tri City squawking quail.  I mainly used a .05 micron pen and colored pencils for these sketches.  Amon Basin is an undisturbed nature corridor, which ultimately connects to the Yakima River and Columbia River confluence.
I have titled the lower sketch "The Bird's House". patti kirch


  1. Patti, I love your sketch of me! Can I use it as my profile picture? I love the bird's house too. Great job!

  2. Sure Patty, and I had fun sketching you painting some of Cindy's gardens. This past Wednesday was one of my favorite outings with the Urban Sketchers. We were surrounded by wonderful artists and Cindy's beautiful story book home and gardens. thank you,
    patti kirch

  3. Beautiful work, beautiful heart Patti <3