Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Grain Elevator on Clearwater"

We met this morning in the parking area around the base of this old grain elevator on Clearwater Ave., in Kennewick, WA.

I don't know much about its history: when it was built, or by whom.  This is wheat country and in the museums there are pictures of wheat harvests in the old days with the combines being pulled by teams of mules.  And of course the train tracks run just behind the grain elevator.

Sad to see our history disappear before our very eyes.  No longer a grain elevator, but now a cell phone tower. And no longer way outside of town, but smack dab inside the city limits.

Some of our sketchers ran into the owners this morning. There has been interest in placing a restaurant on top.  Not a bad idea.


  1. Another great sketch, Jim! But you should add all the other sketches you did today!

    When I talked with the owner today, she said there were no plans to renovate due to a fire that destroyed the interior. Looks like the restaurant will have to be a food truck in the parking lot! Tacos, anyone?

  2. Jim, great sketches today and previous. You really think you need the raptors? Fun for sure! Thank you for keeping me updated on sketching locals.
    patti k