Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sketching at Barracuda's Coffee! So artsy!

I love Barracuda's coffee, their croissant/pastry Copula and their hanging lights.  Of course, their Doma coffee is yummy, but today, their loud cliental was not my cup of tea.  To the left, I had a view of the copula and just up and behind it were their drink menus.  Some of our urban sketchers have fun with black backgrounds, so this was the perfect opportunity to have at it!  Above and to my right were the hanging lights.  My good friend suggested that I add the smaller rope of lights. Thanks Marianne for the great lesson! Look ma, no pencil, just micron fine and brush ink pens and art bars to sketch.Patti Kirch


  1. Perfect urban sketching, Patti! Yes, noisy! But I really enjoyed the energy there. We should go back sometime.

  2. oooh, I do try and follow rules! Noises vanish when I sketch or complete on the tennis court.
    This group is so encouraging, thank you Jim.
    Patti K

  3. Very cool Patti, love the lights. Sorry I am missing all the fun...perhaps not the noise though ;)

  4. Great perseverance, Patti. Love your sketches.