Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I sat for a long, long time trying to quiet my mind long enough to begin 
but the noise was so loud,
there was so much going on - I was totally overwhelmed!  
(And the noise in this coffee shop was crazy too...)


  1. This isn't fabulous, hang-on-the-wall art, yet. You need to be just a tad more famous first, then it will be. But it is great in another sense and that is because it brings to the viewer the energy and loudness and disarray of the coffee shop. Really good stuff, Nancy. I like that it hangs a little on the journalistic side of sketching, too.

  2. You got it spot on Nancy, eye to eye contact and directed conversations, not a divider in the room, free flowing words drifting into unintended neighbour tables spaces. merds all wixed up!
    was it Vince Lombardi who said something like; no body goes there it's too crowded.....
    Patti K

  3. The vibe comes through and so does your soul trying to wrap around it all. Great approach. Kinda glad I missed this one ;)