Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"The Definition of Urban Sketching - in Video Format"

If you want to see what those of us really enjoy about the sketching we do together, click on the picture of Lynne Chapman below.  There you will find a lovely video, "Sketchcrawing in Yorkshire Sculpture Park" that features . . . a small group of sketchers, and Lynne.

Please note however, the story in this short video isn't about the park, it's about the people: their socialization, their art, the opportunity they are experiencing for growth, and the peaceful enjoyment of time well spent.

And btw, Jim Bumgarner says he met Lynne Chapman in Santo Domingo. "She is a marevelously energized woman who, among many other things illustrates childrens' books, and leads the "Sketchcrawl North" sketchers who are located in and around Sheffield, England. 

We hope you enjoy the video and that if you haven't yet, you will join us sometime, soon. 

Lynne Chapman at the 2nd International USK Symposium in Lisbon, 2011.

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