Saturday, September 15, 2012


Jim, Dave and I met at Terra Blanca Winery last night to do our weekly sketching.  The only thing that would have made the evening absolutely perfect was if the sun would have hung in that evening sky for about 2 more hours...  The weather was gorgeous, the sunset unbelievable and the setting was incredible!  We ate 'Tapas', shared a bottle of wine and drew the musicians.  The guy playing the guitar is Chuck, who also doubles as a tennis pro at the Court Club. He and a buddy, who plays the violin, form the group "Strings Attached" and we had a great time drawing them as they played some great, great music.  How delightful!!!


It appears that I am really enjoying the 'line'.  It is especially fun to find the contour and simply use my Lamy pen and ink to skip around here.  It really helps me to see how shapes and edges relate to one another and in getting proportions right.  I wonder if I will ever paint again...

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  1. Really super line drawings, Nancy! My fav is the second from the top, but they're all interesting.