Saturday, September 1, 2012


These are the day's first sketches.  A couple thumbnails then an early morning vineyard.
The second sketch includes the first thumbnail that located the darkest spots as well as that little area of light peeking through the arbor.  Great views make great sketches!

When I showed the sketches to Dave, he said he liked my thumbnails best and that they could be easily made into cards.  So I did a couple little ones and he handed me one of his notecards and I drew one.  Not crazy about the drawing - I will have to relax and just draw what I see - but Dave wanted me to color the roof blue.  I compromised...

The weather is perfect, the morning light is delightful and the company is great fun.  What an enjoyable experience to be able to go out each week with this group!


  1. Lovely thumbnails, lines and values! You always do such nice work.

  2. I really like everyone’s drawings. I see something in each of them that will change the way I draw by just a little.