Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The End of Chardonnay?  More please.
Meet the "USkTC" group at Terra Blanca Winery this Friday night at 6:00 to sip some wine, taste some tapas, listen to 'Strings Attached' and draw!  Terra Blanca is surrounded by rolling hills, ponds and of course, vineyards - a beautiful backdrop to some really fun sketching opportunities.  Will you be there?

USkTC:  Urban Sketchers: Tri-Cities, WA.


  1. I’m a little confused, did Terra Blanca invite us? Who is the Terra Blanca Sketch Group? I looked on Terra Blanca’s Calendar and I see “strings attached” but nothing about drawing.

  2. Nope - a band member in 'Strings Attached' is a friend of mine (and tennis pro at the Court Club)! I told him of our adventures at Terra Blanca and he said he would tell them he has some artist friends coming that evening to draw so we should have no trouble bringing our stuff and sitting as quietly as we always do and do our thing. I thought a glass of wine and some little nibbles made it all the more fun!

  3. How about "meet up with the Tricity Urban Sketchers at Terra Blanca...." I plan to be there! Sounds like loads of fun to me.