Sunday, September 9, 2012


After getting run off from the unknown winery, we wandered down the road a bit to a small, rectangular building where Cooper Wines are made.  I really like the simplicity of this building and feel it lends itself well to this type of drawing, however, it is a good to realize ANYTHING can be simplified, it's just a little easier when it already starts out that way!  The bottom 2 are 4"x6" cards with envelopes.


  1. Really interesting these small, thumbnail-like, sketches on this small paper. My fav is the one on the's all there. nice.

  2. Nancy, All your sketches are great.
    I think we should put together some cards for Neil Cooper if for no other reason than to see if we could pull it off. I’m going to try and get five cards ready on my own and then bring it back up to you and Jim.

  3. Good idea. I think I should stick with my white pages sketchbook and then we can take the original and turn it into whatever format we need it to be. When I do originals on these cards, they're great, but there's only 1 and they may be too small (tho cute!) plus, they're on a vanilla colored paper - which doesn't print well. Closer...