Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cooper Winery, Red Mountain WA, Benton City WA, Lapoynte

I was out sketching with my Urban Sketcher Friends at Cooper Winery located on Sunset Road at Red Mountain. This is a humble winery that makes exceptional wines and is located in the beautiful Red Mountain wine appellation. If you are in this area you must stop in at all the Red Mountain Wineries located on Sunset Road and this should be your first stop!


  1. Fun little card sketches, Lapoynte. Great little "welcome" cards the owner said. Nice.

  2. Hmmmmm - I am thinking I need to take photos of what it is I'm drawing. It is a great idea to re-work some of your on-site drawings into great little sketches like these! I wonder if there is a portable printer we can carry around with us and print the guy out a dozen of his favorites...

  3. What would be really fun is to make up a sample batch of Thank You type cards(Maybe five of each) and trade them for a bottle of wine.
    Also the new Urban Sketchers Icon is great, cows in a picture always make you feel relaxed.