Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Vancouver Gift, Urban Sketcher's Eyes

Touch Wood Sculpture Exhibition,         #4 CONFIDENCE,     Michael Dennis, Red Cedar
Eco - Friendly, found driftwood
Cherry blossoms were the most brilliant three weeks ago, what I had found was an urban sketchers paradise in Van Dusan Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Cast shadows as upon a sundial, moved around these stationary figures.  Mid morning while I sketched the couple, they were individuals, as the day warmed up so their intimacy .......

 Same red cedar couple from a different view.  This art piece was purchased and then donated to the Van Dusan Gardens.  Oh how fortunate, what a treasure Vancouver!
Now, I am from arid shrub stepp, Eastern Washington, visiting home and taking my Mom on a Cherry Blossom field trip.  Lo and behold, a most brilliant blossoming tree was right in front of her place in Burnaby.  Patti Kirch

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