Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sons of the American Revolution

 Special guest historians, Sons of the American Revolution visited our Citizenship class at West Side Church in Richland, Washington this evening, they drove in from Spokane and headed back right after class.

West Side Church hosts a pretty special program for potential citizens especially our teacher, Irene!!!  

I sketched and wrote notes at the same time, sadly, on the back of my class notes, not sketchbook.

The above sketch, features the hunting frock, tricorn hat of a private.
The officer's uniform sketched above features a gold trimmed black tricorn hat.

The round hats were pinned up with a cockade, to keep it from interfering with their single shot weapons.
These historians also singled out special women in time, Helen Trotter the Scout, was one.

I wasn't anticipating sketching, I had a writing pen, class ended at 8:30 this evening.

I finished with water color, then a 1 micron as soon as I got home.

patti kirch

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  1. Patti, nice job recording and reporting this interesting event. Jim