Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goose Ridge Winery

It was a beautiful morning at Goose Ridge Winery in Richland,WA.  I love that everyone went out in all different directions and really capture the essences of this gorgeous winery and their grounds.  Some of us stayed for lunch and some delicious wine as we continued to sketch.  I was the last one to leave (imagine that) and had the privilege of meeting one of the family members that owns the winery. She was very interested in seeing what we all came up with.  So post your sketches peeps!

I was on the back side of the winery


  1. Your sketched curves and shadows keep my eyes moving through your picture Cindy! Fantastic depth and variety of greens too. Crisp air perfect way to enjoy a morning.
    patti k

  2. Thanks Patti...where is your sketch?