Saturday, March 28, 2015

falling snow and crackling fire

Silver Star Ski Resort in Vernon, British Columbia is where one can find authentically wonderful Swiss/Austrian fine cuisine.  Even Isidores' desserts were made fresh, Creme bruele/afters and their chocolate mousse extraordinaire!!!   While the snow was falling, I sketched this mountain village scene, it was fun getting my water colour paper snowed upon!
Urban Sketcher's, Tri-Cities met up on Wednesday at Bookwalter Winery, Richland Wa.
I was appreciative of our hosts to open their doors to just under 20 of us a bit earlier than their regular hours.  It was a chilly and rainy morning,  I snagged a seat around the fire pit, obviously so did some of the others!  Guess which feet are Jim's our proud leader?  I loved the glass that my coffee was served in and I really enjoyed the avocado poppers for lunch.   patti kirch

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