Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day Trippers Visit LaGrande, Oregon

My wife, son and I drove down to LaGrande, Oregon, today so my son could visit a friend.  While he did that we drove around town to find a few sketching opportunities.

There were far more than I could get down before it was time to grab a burrito at "Raul's Taqueria" downtown, and head back to the Tri-Cities.

I spotted this little episcopal church online the night before we drove down (google maps and my buddy, Pegman).

Very quaint and somewhat secluded on the corner of "O" street and 4th.  I kept waiting the the father to walk out the front door, but he didn't.

While driving through the residentials, this one grabbed my eye.  

I drew it from my car while parked on the other side of the street with my back bumper almost in the way of traffic.

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