Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The deBit Building on Tenth in Kennewick"

Well  didnt feel like going out into the world today, so I drew from my window of the building across the street. I'ts way off in perspective and proportion but kinda felt good doing today :))  It's of the deBIT Bldg. at the Corner of 10th and Dayton in Kennewick

Greg Ashby

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  1. Greg, way to go! You get the Grand Prize for being the most dedicated USk'r in the TC's this time. Jean told me it was just too hot to get out of the house: can't argue with that. It's in the ninties and 90% humidity this week in Santo Domingo. My clothes have been sticking to me all week and I'm a color I don't recognize. Btw, I knew Dr. deBit and his son "Bucky" back the old days. Nice sketch!!