Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Groups of people

Campers at Arlington Fly Inn July 11- 15 2012.  Weather chased off a lot of the campers.  Rolling thunder storms and wind.  Put the air show on hold now and then.  It was cold and wet camping but the events were interesting. Over all a good time!


  1. Nice little sketch, Jan, and equally impressive that you were able to negotiate your way through blogger to get it posted successfully! I knew you could do it. Way to go!!

  2. Thanks! Yes, after much gnashing of teeth, many bad words, and, yes, crying, I finally have one post on! Now see if I can remember and/or figure out how to do another! BTW this was after the 3rd try! Grrr! This really bugs me! But I WILL PREVAIL! :)

  3. Nice sketch, nice to see something of yours and that's a nice profile photo.