Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"36th World Wide Sketchcrawl" July 14th

The "36th WWSKCrawl" will be held across the globe this coming Saturday.  Once again, we may not all be able to get out together (as the manifesto says we do) because two of the three or four of us are out of town.  Still, everyone is encouraged to do some sketching this coming Saturday, I know I will while at the symposium in Santo Domingo:  we can post our drawings here, on our blog. 

Click here to go to the forums for the World Wide Sketchcrawl and look for "Urban Sketchers: Tri-Cities, Wa."  Right now there are only a couple comments on our particular forum, but after I return, I will be happy to take any we have posted, from the blog, and post them on the forum.

The forum is an interesting place to spend some time after the WWSkC as all those places around the world fill their postings with their sketches.

See ya, I'm leaving for the airport this afternoon at 3:30.


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