Thursday, July 5, 2012


We went out on the boat yesterday and this is a sketch of my daughter-in-law wakeboarding.  It's a little difficult sketching on a boat but water is plentiful...

The next sketch was done by my 4 year old granddaughter - it is her father wakeboarding (but watch out for the shark in the water)!

Then it was time for 3 people in a tube and man, this is rough.

The last one was when we brought the boat in and I took a minute to draw a group under a tent having a 4th of July picnic.


  1. What a great day, the 4th, people out doing all kinds of stuff and your sketches captured a really super part of it for you and your family. Yeah, no kidding, lots of water! And that gran-daughter, she needs to come with us when head out together to sketch!!

  2. Hey Nancy, on our blog, go to the left margin, in the Blog Community find "Urban Sketchers," when you get there check their right margin for their blog community and find ours near the top with a thumbnail of your daughter on the waterboard. We got over one hundred hits yesterday on our blog!!

  3. COOOLL! If only we'd had a few more drawings from yesterday. Not sure the Herald would be interested in a page full of US. Keep trying...

  4. Agree. I think we need to just keep on sketching and create a large collection of items to show them. Back when I used to take pics of everyone's work, I was posting them in a site, maybe we should be doing that. If we had a collection like this all we would have to do is direct the TCH to that site. Here it is:

  5. I love the liveliness in your sketches!